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Got a dispute to settle? Want to know who is actually right? Then there is no better way than through a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
Game Help
How to start a multiplayer game and invite other players to a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

After selecting a Multiplayer game, click the enter key with your mouse which will have appeared on the introductory page of the game. Once the multiplayer game has connected to the server, click on start. You can either select your avatar in order to open a new table with a choice of two types of opponents to play against, or invite an opponent in order to start playing the game.

In Rock Paper Scissors you need to play 10 matches of Rock Paper Scissors to determine the winner. The result of each match is determined by the sign the players show, a rock sign wins a scissors sign, a scissors sign wins a paper sign, a paper sign wins a rock sign. Use mouse to select the Rock, Paper and Scissors. Do this strategically and win all hand. The one who wins more in the 10 matches is the winner. Have fun!
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