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In this game you play bingo with other players in a strategic way. Each of the players will hold a card with a grid of numbers on it, and once in a while, a ball will be drawn, if the number on the ball appears on your card, then you circle it. If your circled numbers form a whole line horizontally, vertically or diagonally, then you have made one line, and you have the choice to call "Bingo!" to score a point, you can also wait and circle more numbers until you get two lines and then you can call "Bingo!" to score two points, but if one of your opponents called "Bingo!" before that, then you cannot score that line you have already made. After that a new round starts with new cards for each player. The game ends when one of the players scored 3 points.
Game Help
How to start a multiplayer game and invite other players to play an 8 Ball pool game. After selecting a Multiplayer game, click the enter key with your mouse which will have appeared on the introductory page of the game. Once the multiplayer game has connected to the server, click on start. You can either select your avatar in order to open a new table with a choice of two types of opponents to play against, or invite an opponent in order to start playing the game. Just a quick rundown of the rules of Bingo. Bingo is a game of chance where randomly selected numbers are chosen and players try to make a row, diagonal, column or other specific pattern on their 5 by 5 matrix board cards. The first person to get the specific pattern calls out the word Bingo to declare themselves the winner. The player’s card is checked to make sure the Bingo has been correctly called. If it is correct, the prize is awarded and another game begins. If Bingo was incorrectly called, the game continues till another player calls Bingo. Every Bingo player is given a uniquely marked card containing numbers from 1-75. On each turn, the caller selects a random numbered ball from a container and calls out the number to all players. The ball is then placed visibly on the side and is not used again. Each player searches their card for the number, and if found the player marks their card. The skill aspect of the game comes from being able to search for the number in a few seconds before another number is called. The game continues until someone announces Bingo if they have the pattern that was set before the game began. Examples of patterns are one line, two lines, four corners, full house, kite shaped, or full card (all spaces on the board). Lines are made across in a row, down in a column, or in a diagonal. Bingo Cards contain five columns and five rows for a total of 25 squares. In real life, the boards are made of cardboard or paper. The center square is called the free space and is automatically counted as a marked square. The caller first calls the Letter B, I, N, G, or O and then the number. The letter refers to the column which the number can be found. COLUMN Numbers B - 1 to 15 I - 16 to 30 N - 31 to 45 G - 46 to 60 O - 61 to 75
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