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This game of 8 Ball pool will not disappoint your needs and expectations if you are a pool fan. Play a classic game of 8 Ball pool against a friend online through Skillpod.
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How to start a multiplayer game and invite other players to play an 8 Ball pool game

After selecting a Multiplayer game, click the enter key with your mouse which will have appeared on the introductory page of the game. Once the multiplayer game has connected to the server, click on start. You can either select your avatar in order to open a new table with a choice of two types of opponents to play against, or invite an opponent in order to start playing the game.

Just a quick rundown of the rules of 8 Ball Pool

In a game of 8 Ball pool thereare 16 balls on the table: 1 white ball, 1 black ball, 7 solid balls and 7 stripe balls. One player will be required to pocket all the solid balls and the other player will be required to pocket all the stripe balls. After a player has pocketed all his own balls, then he can pocket the black ball to win the game. But if the player has pocketed the eight ball before pocketing all his own balls, then he loses the game. The player must use the cue to hit the white ball first, and then use the white ball to hit other balls. If a player has pocketed a ball, then he can hit again, otherwise it will be the other player's turn. A foul occurs in one of the following situations: the white ball fails to hit any ball; the first ball the white ball hits is not one of the player's own balls; the white ball is pocketed. When a player commits a foul, the other player can put the white ball anywhere on the table to begin play. Enjoy!

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